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At One Food Story, we believe that each food has its own story and deserves its own stage. Don’t know how to bring your vision to life? We can help you with Concept development & executing your ideas to best fit your Branding & Advertising needs.


Gravity Art

Concept 1

Food stylist singapore

We wanted to do something different this Chinese New Year. 

Newton discovered gravity by chance. 

So we thought, "Why not?" 

So we tilted the table, and gravity shifted with us. 

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My mother always told me to look from a different perspective when cornered in mahjong. So that’s exactly what we did.

Food stylist

“Elphaba, why couldn’t you have stayed calm, for once!

Instead of flying off the handle!”

--- Wicked, Defying Gravity

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newton's law of gravitation.png

Food Stylist is a food photographer that gives an awesome style to food and take some pictures of the stylish food. One Food Story is a leading and award-winning food stylist in Singapore. We offer the best Food Stylist services at affordable prices in Singapore. 

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Perhaps it is time to redefine gravity.

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A food stylist is someone who showcases food for photography, video, or film. Food stylists need to understand the ins and outs of food preparation, photography, and videography in order to know how a particular food item can look its best.

Who is a Food Stylist?

Food Stylist | One Food Story

Food stylist singapore

Concept 2


Can't wait to bounce together again

Fishball Concept Sketch .jpg

In such a time when we may not meet our loved ones overseas often, we rejoice in our memories with them. We believe that when we reunite again, there will be more memories and laughter to be written.

20210414 55Taste Fishball Working File_C

When the fishball is standing in front of the mirror, instead of reflecting himself, the mirror reflected his heart. He believes that reunion is just a step away and therefore, using a mirror to reflect this concept.

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