Our props room is where we store our weapons that we bring to the battlefield. We have a collection of 10,000+ props in house from all over the world - from Peranakan style to rustic style.


Have a specific prop in mind? 

Just ask. We probably have that particular prop you want. 

Studio 1 reck .5256.jpg
Studio 1 cloth reck.5168.jpg
Studio 1 colour reck.5165.jpg
Studio 1 colour reck.5147.jpg
Studio 1 reck 0322.jpg
Studio 1 reck 5284.jpg


Our editing room is where our talented and genuis editors turn your already amazing food to a masterpiece.

Studio 1 editing area.0293.jpg
Studio 1 editing area.0235.jpg


This is where we bring our ideas to life. We specialise in still and

motion, bringing out the soul of food through our lenses.


We also bring the comforts of home to you with our dedicated cozy corner while you are testifying the birth of every individual masterpiece for your upcoming successful campaign :)

Studio 2 production area 8633.jpg
Studio 2 pool.8724.jpg