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At One Food Story, we are a Singapore based, food focused content creator who has worked with renowned brands such as Unilever, Kraft, Nutella, Irvin's Salted Egg and Marks & Spencer and many more. Award-winning food photographer Singapore, we provide a variety of creative services. From art direction to execution, all possible to be done in-house. Our speciality in food photography, filming, food styling, props styling, will unveil the best of your food's story. Believing that strategic planning is important, we constantly take a holistic approach towards our work in ensuring what's effective for you.


Having trouble turning your ideas into reality? We will fill in that gap for you.


Dare to challenge the conventional? Our forte is in creating food art that is bold, daring, yet authentic to your brand. Indeed, our young and dynamic team is dedicated to allowing your vision to materialise.

Your food itself, our story to tell.

We Eat Art.


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Creative Director

With a background in Education, Ashley always had an appreciation for the arts, and the eye for creative visuals. After 4 years, she decided to both hone her interest and develop her passion. 

Ashley is the pillar of One Food Story. She creates art in front of the camera's lens. From Creative Direction conceptualisation to execution, she does it all. Her artistic inclination enables her to organise bold ideas together to create pieces of work that are both fluid and leave an impression.

Ashley holds amazing rapport with the people she crosses paths with. Her open-mindedness and genuine desire to connect with people indeed makes her a great partner to collaborate with, especially chefs, where they share a common consensus-it’s all down to the details. 

You can find Ashley with her head in her books & films. Travelling keeps her abreast of the trends and allows her to expand her horizons even in her day to day life, & she's always looking for creative inspiration wherever she sets afoot.

She greatly believes that experience is irreplaceable, accounting for more than mere knowledge. The time & devotion Ashley spends into honing her craft greatly contributes to the growth of One Food Story.

Mr Adam.jpg


Director of Photography

As the Director of Photography at One Food Story, Adam is the art behind the lens. He is also a musician, cook, and a frequent traveller. With his extensive photography background in the Media industry, his professionalism is evident in his work. Adam found his passion in Food & decided to give it life, and with a vision, One Food Story was born. 

He oversees the company's creative footprint: Not simply wanting to limit our work to just Photography and Film. He is also unafraid to experiment with new ideas.

Apart from nurturing his passion in Food Photography & Film, Adam believes in grooming the younger generation, imparting skills & enriching them. Hence, One Food Story has a young and dynamic team by his side, upholding teamwork. Since then, they have served many clients, who have since turned friends.

Together with his partner, Ashley, they strive to establish the food media scene in Singapore as a contemporary and fun one, allowing One Food Story to remain relevant through the changing seasons, pushing it to greater heights.

MEET THE team.

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