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Are you Creative, Dynamic and has a good sense in art?
This is for you!

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Sneak preview of our dynamic creative team :)

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Our creatives have something to say...

MARI - Mini Art Police 

Studying Animation & 3D Arts, I decided to embark on a slightly different career path from my peers. I applied for an internship at One Food Story as a Food Advertising Content Creator.

At One Food Story, I’m blessed to have the opportunities to work on a variety of projects. Given the privilege to be actively involved in every stage of content creation - from conceptualisation to bringing the ideas to life, I felt a strong sense of satisfaction when I see the works being published globally and island wide.

Ms Ashley continuous support has help and groom me to be a competent producer today. She has taught me a lot on soft skills and hard skills like management and communication skills that are essential in any production environment. In addition, under the guidance of Mr Adam, I was able to pick up various technical skills when it came to handling the professional equipment. 

I believe that both teamwork and synergy are very important aspects for any team projects. At One Food Story, I am very grateful to work alongside with a young and dynamic team. Although we come from different walks of life, I am able to learn a lot from each individual member which aided my growth in a working environment.

Outgoing and passionate about the advertising industry, I have decided to dive more deeply into the behind the scenes. Additionally, to uncover aspects about myself which I have yet to know about as well as developing more skillsets along the way.

I encourage anyone who has a passion for creative content creation and wants to challenge themselves to come on board an internship with One Food Story. It will definitely be a life changing experience. 

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Landscape Working TGT.jpeg

Concept sketch

Me during a production shoot :)

Edited image.png

Actual shoot

CJ - Mini DOP 

With a background in Animation and 3D Arts, I joined One Food Story with little experience in the commercial advertising, photography and videography.


During the course of my internship at One Food Story, I was given the opportunities to lead various projects as well as taking on roles from the conceptualisation stage to post-production stage.


Having proper guidance by Ms Ashley and Mr Adam, I became more attentive, meticulous and driven which led to me gaining many rare opportunities to showcase my talent and strengths. I am also thankful to have the chance to work on areas that I am lacking in. Hence, allowing me to grow and be a more competent individual.


Grateful for the opportunities, I also had the honour to work with a team of young and motivated creatives that strive to deliver the best to the clients. While working with my team members, I learn so much from their individual experiences. Furthermore, I have a newfound respect towards my colleagues who have decided to intern in One Food Story that is completely different from their field of study. It was both inspiring and encouraging to me.      


Furthermore, I am blessed to be given the opportunities to take on the role as a director of photography team for several projects. Moreover, with the guidance of Ms Ashley and Mr Adam, I am able to work on my passion professionally.


Being the lead intern video editor in numerous projects, I am given many chance to hone my editing skills and the ability to see through numerous commercial videos to finalisation. 


Throughout my internship, I am grateful to have the opportunities to work with numerous different clients. This opportunity has helped me understand the commercial direction of different projects in details and gained a deeper understanding of the creative industry. The skillsets I have acquire during this internship have proven to be useful wherever I go. 

I never imagine myself to enjoy the internship with One Food Story so much. If you are willing to learn and harness your best abilities, join One Food Story. I believe that as long as you are willing to work hard, you will most certainly find satisfaction in the things you could accomplish.


I use these 3 images to talk about my journey in OFS

Blue Light Egg.jpg

As a 3D artist, I just newly step into this creative industry, I had a lot of reservations as I was a new person with no experiences. Therefore, I had concern if I was a good fit for this creative industry. The egg in the cage represents my reservations and concerns for this brand new experience that I was going to have when I enter this industry. 

Cracked Egg.jpg

I always have a dream of becoming a film director. To achieve that, I know that I have to break through myself like the cracking of an egg by embracing new challenges and techniques. By stepping outside of my comfort zone, I learnt a brand new version of myself that I have never discover before.

Fried Egg (edited).jpg

After 6 months of internship with OFS, I noticed that throughout the training and guidance, my work that I have collaborated with my colleague is being recognized by the creative industry. I am thankful to have the opportunity to work with these amazing colleagues to create alot of successful projects. It is definitely a honour to be able to work together with the team. Our teamwork is portrayed like the 6 eggs shown together. This experience and steep learning curve is definitely worthwhile. If time were to turn back, I will do this internship with OFS all over again.

LIU - Mini Master Colorist

Graduated with a Diploma in Digital Visual Effect. Personally, having a great passion for photography and videography, I decided to pursue my career as a Video Editor at One Food Story (OFS) and therefore joined the team.


OFS is a great place to learn. From professional skills to even my personal character growth. It is a huge honor to have the opportunities to work on projects with amazing clients in Singapore and across the globe. Communicating with clients and delivering their needs has helped me in a better understanding of the advertising industries. Through the projects, I'm able to advance my color grading and editing skills. Over time, I've progressed into a lead video editor, leading my team to do even better.


The best thing about working here is the number of additional opportunities. Even though I was assigned to a main role, I'm also given the privilege to experience other areas too. From Pre Production to Post-Production. I feel extremely blessed to be in an environment that allows me to have the freedom to explore and discover my inner talent and strength which I wasn't aware of, allowing me to build up different skill sets and knowledge.


I am also truly grateful to work with wonderful bosses. Mr. Adam and Ms. Ashley who are great mentors. Giving me the tools to excel in projects and enhance my confidence to succeed as an aspiring professional. They would regularly review, evaluate with me and guide me to prepare for progressions into more challenging tasks that match my goals.


Overall, I think One Food Story has made me who I am today. A passionate video editor, leader, and team player who is always striving for excellence. If you want to step up and take the challenge, I think you are ready for the ride.

A consolidated video of different brands by Liu:)

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