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mos burger

IMG_2292 copy.HEIC
case stydt_mos.jpeg

After days of brainstorming, we have conceptualise on how to shoot this MOS chicken burger. The end product is shown on the right. 

While eating at MOS burger, we saw that MOS has been using the chicken burger photo we have shot for them on their Kiosk! (left). It was undeniably satisfying to see our hard work paid off. 

MOS. Wagyu Pink Moodshot.jpg

We are happy to see that the shot we have taken for MOS (right) is being shown on one of the MOS restaurant television! (left).

MOS. Christmas Mood Shot.jpg

Christmas was almost here at the time we shot the smoked duck rice burger (right). While passing by one of MOS restaurant, we are please to see that this picture is put up as a banner! :) 

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